My weekend sewing, part 1.

Since I’m in a bit of a knitting slump (though I did finish a sock this weekend), I’ve turned my attention to sewing. Holly once said that she gets more energized about her knitting after a bit of crochet, spinning or sewing, so perhaps that will work for me, too.

I recently purchased Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and about a quarter of the projects are things I will definitely make, with some others in the “maybe” pile. I started with two simple projects, the Huck Finn pants and Pajamas for Everyone.

On Derby evening I made Huck Finn shorts. The project was quick (it took just a little over two hours of actual sewing, and that’s with a “helper”) and easy (hey, if a novice like me can do it, anyone can!) I even followed Heather’s instructions for an adjustable waist; I mentally patted myself on the back for buying a machine that has an automatic buttonhole feature.

My favorite part of the shorts is the topstitching on the sides, which is totally cute. I actually stitched straighter than I thought I would.

As you can see, Leo was moving around quite a bit while I tried to photograph him. (I can’t compete with Cars the movie and a toy truck.) I finally got him to stand still.

I told him that I wanted to take a picture of his clothes, and he decided to do his own shorts photo:

Not bad for a less-than-two-year-old. Two successes: my first pair of shorts for Leo, and Leo understanding why I wanted to photograph him and then allowing me to do so!

(Edited to add: total cost of this project – around $1! The only thing I had to buy was the elastic, I had everything else on hand.)

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One Response to My weekend sewing, part 1.

  1. Holly says:

    So cute! Nice to see you catching the bug!

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