I look like I have no arms . . .

. . . but they’re there, I promise.

What’s more important is that I have no more elastic thread.

I’m making this dress and ran out of black elastic thread a few inches short of where I want the smocking to stop. Right now this dress is in that could-be-confused-for-maternity-wear territory.

Do I:

– Use a different color of elastic thread? (JoAnn‘s has no more black.) It’s in the bobbin, but it still will bug me if it’s not the same.
– Order black elastic thread or check other stores? (Hobby Lobby, perhaps?)
– Keep the dress as is?

I’m not quite sure, but I think I’ll go with one of the first two options.

I also can’t decide what kind of straps I want – black bias tape, green bias tape, or make my own with leftover fabric? I got this fabric at Nitty Gritty at least two years ago (maybe longer than that!) so there’s no more – I would have to make do with what I’ve got left, which isn’t much.

Despite all these questions, I think I’m going to love this dress once it’s finished. I already have a second one planned in robin’s egg blue with red smocking.

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3 Responses to I look like I have no arms . . .

  1. i don’t have black, or i would give it to you. try hancock’s. the quilt shops don’t have the elastic thread.

  2. capitana42 says:

    I love it! I think you’re inspiring me to sew. I think you should get more black elastic thread. Too cute! I love the fabric!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Tonya,Not sure what to do about this one, but for the blue one you might want to consider some front shaping with your smocking rows. Think of it like short rows in knitting. You need these in the front at the bust line to make the side seams stay straight. Because your front isn’t flat like your back, the fabric shifts to the front below the smocking. Shaping some of the front smocking rows like short rows will let you have smocking that meets on the sides. The smocking will look lower in the front when viewed flat, but will hang correctly when you have it on. This will avoid the dreaded Maternity dress look.

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