New stuff!

Even though I have many projects worth of yarn and needles, Kristin and Cindy are always enticing me with new stuff at the Knit Nook.

These square knitting needles from Kollage Yarns recently arrived. I really love using 5″ Clover double pointed needles for socks, but don’t like the way they start to bow before even finishing one pair. I was hoping the square double points from Kollage would be a better alternative, and I’m not disappointed! Not only do the needles keep their shape, the yarn slides more easily over the aluminum than it does the bamboo and the needles are very light. Kollage claims that their square needles are easier on people that suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel; a knitter with carpal tunnel came into the Knit Nook one day last week and liked them so much she got three sets! She said they were much easier to work with.

The socks I am knitting are made using yarn that recently arrived at the Knit Nook, too – Opal Cotton 2009 sock yarn. I am knitting the Madder Ribbed Socks from Nancy Bush’s book, Knitting Vintage Socks.

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