Strips and squares.

Last Tuesday was my first quilting class at Among Friends Quilt Shop. I never would have suspected that I would become a quilter, but my enthusiasm for fiber arts seems to continue growing.

The class project is a 36″ x 36″ wall hanging, which I will probably just use as a small quilt for Leo. (He’s a huge fan of quilts and blankets.) I knew I wanted to use either Brown Bear, Brown Bear or Robots fabric, and went with Eric Carle because he’s so awesome. I decided to use the large print for the backing, red animals for the “churn” and binding, brown for the inner border, and the children for the outer border with white Kona cotton as the background. Yesterday I completed my homework for the first class – cutting out the churn and background fabric.

I knew cutting straight lines would be a challenge, and I was right, despite the help of a rotary cutter and ruler. Even with little grippers, the ruler can shift, and I have to remind myself to hold the cutter perpendicular to the fabric and not at an angle. (For the record, the two big quilts I’m plotting both allow for some wiggle in the cutting.) Still, I think my squares are actually square, which is good, and I’m excited about getting better at precision.
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