That magical moebius.

I am a Zimmermanic, but will give credit where credit is due. Elizabeth Zimmermann discusses the moebius in Knitting Around, and goes about creating one in a very easy, straightforward way – what Ms. Zimmermann does best. I always assumed that when I got around to knitting a moebius, I would do it the EZ way.

Then I discovered Cat Bordhi and A Treasury of Magical Knitting.

My moebius is knit using Rowan Colourscape Chunky in Frosty (one hank) and US 11 60″ circular needles.
The circumference is 40″ – you can make any size you like.

Cat turned me on to all the magical stuff about the moebius. It has one edge! It’s knit from the middle out! I think I geeked out even more than the typical geeky-knitter-response, but I find the moebius to be simultaneously baffling and wonderful.

One of the best parts about the moebius is its versatility. After I went on and on at the Knit Nook about the moebius’s magical qualities, Kristin took some photos for me. (I keep reminding myself that this is a knitting blog and not the Satorialist; please excuse the fact that I don’t look like a supermodel.)

The scarf that won’t fall off!

The head covering (very Audrey Hepburn or young Liz Taylor)

The cowl

The shawl (admittedly would work better with a wider moebius, but you get the idea)

The Knit Nook hasn’t updated the class schedule on their website yet, but there will be a moebius class this Fall. For more info, you can call 502-452-1919. Every knitter should make at least one moebius in their life, and what better way to learn than to take a class.

By the way, this is what happens when I try to photograph my knits with Leo around . . .

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4 Responses to That magical moebius.

  1. TopHat says:

    Back when I was a teenager and didn't take pictures of my knitting, I knit a mobius. My mom has it now. Very cool. I love the colors in your yarn.

  2. Theresa says:

    That is awesome! Where have I been? I haven't ever seen one before!!

  3. Holly says:

    I am loving your yarn choice! Did it block out softer? Because it seems kind of rough in the skein. I wouldn't necessarily picked it out for a scarf, but yours sure is pretty!

  4. Brook says:

    SO Cool! And I must say, you have the best blog name ever.

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