Watch out for the alligator!

There hasn’t been nearly enough Leo on the blog lately, mainly because it’s hard to get him to be still long enough to take photos. Today I have lots of pictures of my little guy.

Not wanting Leo to be left out of the recent knitting, I whipped up a Lator Gator mitt in just one day. Since I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, it really isn’t warm enough to function as a mitten (which is why I only made one); it does make a great puppet. The pattern can be found in Stitch n Bitch Nation.

This gator loves to bite things, most of all Mommy and Daddy’s hands.

Rather than use the googly-eyes the pattern calls for, I tightly sewed on two black buttons. I also whipstitched the red and green pieces together using off white Baby Cashmerino. I am not great at making french knots, and the whipstitching looks enough like teeth to me.

Leo adores his gator, so I’m calling this project a success!

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3 Responses to Watch out for the alligator!

  1. TopHat says:

    How cool! Make two and call them mittens!

  2. Holly says:

    Super cute! I bet Iris would love a hand puppet too! I should get on this train!

  3. Margie says:

    Very cute! Both the mitt and the lil guy!

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