FO: Milo Soaker

I mentioned before that I was making the Milo Soaker from the book Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren.

I liked knitting the soaker – the construction is easy and it was a super fast knit! However, the lack of shaping led to some size issues. I knit the 3-6 month size for Johnny, who is 15 pounds and 14 ounces. It fits his chunky thighs, but the waistband is HUGE. It is shown here over a normal prefold diaper, but even in his bulky nighttime diaper getup (which I haven’t actually worked up the courage to try yet) it’s still a little big.

Here you can see exactly how large the waist is! If I knit this again, I’d definitely use smaller needles for the ribbing as well as cast on fewer stitches.

I did enjoy the yarn – Vermont Fiber Company O-Wool Classic. When I committed to cloth diapering I went through my stash and found all of my 100 percent wool yarns, and this is the yarn I wanted to knit with first. Besides, it’s the exact yarn and color recommended in the pattern!

If I have to evaluate the finished soaker I’d say it’s good, not great. I can’t wait to try some more patterns!

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One Response to FO: Milo Soaker

  1. Kristin says:

    So glad you test knitted this pattern for me! I'm making a sweater from that book and was going to try the soaker next. BTW, what yarns do you think would make a good soaker? Would Malabrigo work?

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