BSJ Class

Have I mentioned lately that I love Elizabeth Zimmermann? Because I do (in case you forgot.) There are few people that master their craft in the way that Ms. Zimmermann mastered knitting, and she was so darn witty and innovative.

One of my favorite EZ patterns is the Baby Surprise Jacket. This thing stands the test of time! I have made three Baby Surprise Jackets, one that lives at the Knit Nook and one for each of my boys.

Leo’s Baby Surprise Jacket was made using leftover bits of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton and US size 9 needles. It lasted him two winters. I love the hood.

Johnny’s BSJ was teeny, and definitely won’t fit him next winter (he’s already almost 16.5 pounds!) I used Dale of Norway Baby Ull and US size 4 needles on this one.

Aside: my, how these boys have grown! Leo’s photos were taken in February ’09, and Johnny’s were taken in February ’10. Both little guys are so much bigger now!

Anyway, while I love the BSJ now, I will admit to being a little confused the first time I looked at the pattern. If you’d like to make a Baby Surprise Jacket (or two, or three) but don’t want to jump in without any help, you can take the Baby Surprise Jacket Class at the Knit Nook. It takes place Sunday June 6, 13, 20, and 27 from 5-7 pm. Cost is $60 plus materials, and you will receive a student discount while in the class. If you’d like to sign up or have questions, you can always call the Nook at 502-452-1919. In addition to learning how to construct the basic sweater, you can learn how to modify the pattern to add a hood, collar, i-cord or cuffs, or even make the BSJ a pullover! You know you wanna make one . . .

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