One-minute craft: Eve from Wall-E

If it weren’t for Pixar, I’m not sure how I would have made it through the bedrest portion of my pregnancy. (Of course, the grandparents helped a lot, too!) Leo is a big fan of every Pixar movie, but his recent favorite is Wall-E.

With two boys and knitting that I am contractually obligated to do, I don’t have too much time leftover for other crafts. But this Eve balloon took about a minute to make!

All you need are a white balloon, a blue permanent marker, and a black permanent marker. Draw Eve’s face on the balloon. Easy-peasy. My Eve’s eyes aren’t exactly like the animated version, but once this Eve pops I plan to experiment and make more Eves in the future. I think this would be a great craft for kids at a Wall-E themed birthday party!

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2 Responses to One-minute craft: Eve from Wall-E

  1. Wooleyskein says:

    OMG, he has grown soooo much ❤ handsome little dude 😉

  2. Hey Tonya, It's been a LONG time since we last spoke! I just saw that you've had another boy omg! Congratulations he's beautiful! 🙂 I hope you're all doing good :)Petra

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