Alternative to stitch holders. (& Tomten update!)

Stitch holders are amazingly wonderful things . . . when you can find them. I know all about slipping stitches to waste yarn, and there’s a time when that’s appropriate, like when you need the stitches to be flexible. However, if I have a small number of stitches to be held, I prefer to use something more rigid than waste yarn because I find it easier to put the stitches back on the needle.

Last year I showed you how I used a paperclip to hold stitches on Craig’s Smokin’ Jacket. A paperclip wouldn’t be big enough for this project, though. And since the goal is to eventually slip the stitches back to a needle, why not just hold the stitches on a spare needle? I have seen a knitting pattern or two that recommends doing this, and I think it’s a simple-yet-effective practice.

I did something that hundreds of knitters have probably done. I took a spare double pointed needle (make sure to use a size similar to the size you’re knitting your sweater on – my sweater is on a US 9 needle, and this dpn is a US 8) and put ponytail holders (you could also use rubber bands) on each end so the knitting doesn’t come off. Ta-da! For a wider section you could also just use a single-pointed knitting needle and secure one side with a rubber band, or you could use an extra circular needle.

I can’t believe how quickly the Tomten is going! I still have quite a bit to do, but I’m pleased with my progress so far. In this photo with the Tomten spread out you can see a hint of the modular-ness.

Though jacket weather is still in the somewhat distant future, I am so excited about finishing this sweater.
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One Response to Alternative to stitch holders. (& Tomten update!)

  1. Star says:

    Very clever indeed! I've been reading your blog for some time and only wish I could knit so beautifully!

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