Knit Picks

The yarn in the previous post was Knit Picks Cadena in one of the newly released colorways. Brook. Cadena is a bulky weight yarn made of a blend of 70 percent Peruvian Highland Wool and 30 percent Superfine Alpaca.

Look familiar? I used Cadena for my hat, Epitome. I’ve been working with Knit Picks IDP on bringing you this pattern for a low price! The pattern isn’t live on the IDP yet, but for now enjoy a price cut on The Shizknit and Ravelry. You can now purchase Epitome for $2.50. (Higher than the Knit Picks IDP price to cover PayPal fees.) As soon as the pattern goes live on the IDP I’ll let you know!

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One Response to Knit Picks

  1. Runic Rhyme says:

    /swoon – that looks sooo soft

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