Little Fang Sweater

Confession: I’m not the most vampy person, but I did read all of the Twilight books and most of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. What can I say – all of the knitters were gossiping about these vampire tales so I had to give them a try (plus they were all on the Knit Nook library shelf). When Genevieve Miller asked if I would contribute a child’s sweater design to her book Vampire Knits, I was relieved that I had a little bit of a vampire background.

I submitted three or four ideas, but the one that Genevieve and the book editors decided on was this Little Fang Sweater. It was inspired by those smiley face t-shirts (something similar to this), but there’s actually no face at all – just two intarsia fangs at the bottom where the smile would be. The raglan sweater is knit in pieces and seamed (intarsia in the round – no thanks!) and uses Knit Picks Swish DK. Sizing is from 2T – 6.

I’m honored that Genevieve asked me to be a part of this book – I’m in the company of some accomplished knitters! Tanis Gray, Cirilla Rose, Julie Turjoman (who has a book of her own to promote), and Nikol Lohr are just a few of the talented knitters that have patterns in Vampire Knits.

I couldn’t write this post without thanking Kristin for her help and Genevieve for her flexibility – the deadline for this book was around the time that Johnny was born, so first it was painful to knit because of pregnancy related carpal tunnel, and then Johnny’s first few weeks were quite rough (thanks to RSV/bronchiolitis) so I was more focused on his well being than my sweater. Thankfully, knitters are kind people that are generally willing to lend a hand/extend deadlines!

Vampire Knits is published by Potter Craft and is available at yarn stores and book stores near you!

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2 Responses to Little Fang Sweater

  1. Capi says:

    Too cute. Congrats!

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