KCWC: Day 1

My first day of the KCWC was spent at the Knit Nook, (did you know they’re open on Mondays again? Come say hi!) so I naturally spent my time knitting.

First up, the Tomten. It’s quite different than the last photo I posted, but yesterday I just made a bit of progress on the second sleeve. I think I can easily finish this by the end of the week, assuming my children cooperate.

I was originally worried that it would be too small, so I asked Leo to put it on. Though he started waving his arms around “to be like a bird” before I snapped the photo, making my carefully arranged sleeves go astray, I do believe it will fit all winter long.

Disheveled, but cute.

I also worked on the I-desperately-need-to-finish-this project, my Little Scholar Vest. I wove in all the ends, sewed the shoulder seams, and began the armhole ribbing. I am hoping to finish this TONIGHT after the boys go to bed . . . we’ll see. An hour should be enough time to at the very least make some serious progress.

See ya tomorrow with pictures from Day 2.

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2 Responses to KCWC: Day 1

  1. You are a tomten-knitting fool! Do you know the Tomten children's books?

  2. Linnea says:

    The little scholar vest is just gorgeous! Where can I get the pattern?

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