Itty bitty.

Tomorrow? Did I say I’d be back tomorrow? Oops. I should have learned by now that if I say I’m going to blog at a specific time that something will come up to delay me.

I’ll be back soon (notice that I’m not committing to a day) with a KCWC wrap up, but for now here’s something I finished for a little one.

Craig’s cousin and his wife just welcomed a baby girl. Unfortunately, she was born very early and weighed just over three pounds at birth. She’s doing well but has a long hospital stay ahead.

I decided to make her a small version of my Little Boy Blue ribbed baby hat using Cascade’s Cash Vero yarn, which is soft and wonderful for a baby. I followed the pattern but used size 6 needles and only knit four inches before doing the decreases. The result is a hat that will fit a preemie, but it will also stretch and fit her for quite some time.

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One Response to Itty bitty.

  1. Capi says:

    Oh no! I hope she does well and gets big and strong really quick!!! Good luck!

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