Change of plans.

I am trying to plan Christmas gifts, which I probably should have done ages ago. I always have grand ideas, but don’t always achieve what I want. Will blogging about it keep me accountable? Maybe.

I tend to knit other people’s patterns for Christmas gifts (though I have at least one original idea in mind for someone), and who better to start with than Elizabeth Zimmermann? Or so I thought.

I was going to make the Fishtrap Aran hat from Knitter’s Almanac, but about one row in I realized that a hat that is that heavily cabled was probably not the best idea. If I’m going to be successful in finishing gifts, I have to be realistic!

The yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran, which is sadly now discontinued. I’m wasn’t sure how the color will be received – though it looks like a rust from afar, up close you can see some purple-y flecks in the tweed. Since I was intending this to be manly, I was worried about the bit of purple.

I love the yarn, though, and decided that it would be great with Leo’s coloring. I am making a plain version of the Cheery Scrap Cap for Leo to wear out on the playground at his preschool. Of course, that doesn’t hep me finish Christmas gifts any more quickly! To make things more manageable, I intend to make this a multicraftual Christmas. That means knitting, sewing and even a little crochet – I know I don’t have tons of time, and sewing and crochet are much faster.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the scrap hat!Yeah, last year I was going to make all my gifts and only got about 1/4 of them finished (gave my mom hers in April!) This year I am saving my most time-consuming gifts (knit, sewn) for those I know will really appreciate them. Others will probably get some form of baked goody, which is a much faster make. Plus, my 4-yr-old daughter likes to help with the baking, so it doubles as quality time! Good luck on your gift giving.Tutorgal on Ravelry

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