The story of Emmaline

Molly (the blogless) and I decided to race to see who could finish Emmaline first. She made her first version (seen in this post) in five days, and I thought I could beat that time so I challenged her. I had Classic Elite Sprout (colorway Salvia Red) in my stash and didn’t think I had enough yarn to do the project I originally wanted to use it for, so it was just right for Emmaline. (And actually I have one entire hank leftover!) I knew that if I raced Molly I would stay on task and finish Emmaline quickly, and I did.

Here’s the play-by-play (sorry for the poor quality webcam pictures).

November 13: Cast on around midnight, but didn’t knit at all because I was too tired. Made an effort to intimidate Molly with my “bring it!” face.

November 14: Despite the uncomfortableness of having over 200 stitches on 16 inch circulars, I got to the sleeve startin’ point.

November 15: Knit the bodice up to the purl row.
November 16-18: Ripped. I didn’t like where the purl row hit so I redid a few inches of the bodice. Then I had two days where I knit about four rows. (I do have two demanding small children – I should state that pretty much the entire sweater was knit either while I was at work or while the boys were sleeping.)

November 19: Knit Emmaline as the pattern was written, and decided it wasn’t long enough . . .

. . . though the fit is great!

November 21: Finished Emmaline! I beat Molly, but in fairness she did lose a ball of yarn.

I wore it to the Knit Nook the next day and to my parents’ house on Sunday for our Thanksgiving celebration there. I love how it looks!

I give this sweater an A for speed and wear-ability!

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One Response to The story of Emmaline

  1. TopHat says:

    You rock! I should add that to my queue!

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